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This is my digital and public garden, inspired by digital gardens from project and the blue book initiative by Lyz from which this memo quickly bootstraped.

A memorandum or a briefing note is a written message that is typically used in a professional setting. Commonly abbreviated "memo," these messages are usually brief and are designed to be easily and quickly understood.

Thanks to the above definition of memo, that's why this wiki/memo/ blue-book was born in the first place. I'll try to be brief but not shallow. For longer posts and other themes, you can always check my blog

Visiting the garden

Welcome, foreigner! This content is not extensive but serves to aid my long term goals in learning.

You can choose any category or article that sparks you curiosity on the left navigation pane.

You can also use it as a reference, by using the top search field or by cloning the original author's git repository and using grep like tools.


Like the previous author (Lyz) did, I also tried writing blogs with no sucess in the past. The content is most static - even though you can jump in and perform minor adjustments/changes. But if you are a prolific writer, as time passes by, your content are bound to increase and get lost in time.

The sheer amount of content I read and work on during day to day situations are huge. Having incremental writing could aid tackle these issues and remove guilty effect of missing out on something. Gwern's Long Content principle does apply to my style and I'm trying to follow it!

Lyz created the mkdocs-newsletter so you can subscribe and follow along with the changes.


If you find a mistake or want to add new content, please make the changes. You can use the edit button on the top right of any article to add them in a pull request, if you don't know what that means, you can always open an issue or send me an email.

Thank you


Last update: 2023-08-06